about us

Mejlis Institute, newly launched in 2019, is a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen cultural links between Armenia and other countries of Western Asia and promote awareness of such links in the recent and distant past. The word mejlis — common to Arabic, Persian, Turkish and medieval Armenian among many other languages — is used in the name of the organization in its premodern meaning of a symposium or a social gathering for the purpose of reciting and discussing poetry, playing music and enjoying good company. The principal mission of Mejlis Institute is to provide a platform for such gatherings, fostering learning and collegiality. Situated in Yerevan, the Institute aims to celebrate the historical position of Armenia as a meeting point of different cultures and languages and strengthen the role of Yerevan as a hub for international cooperation. To this end, the Institute will organize educational programs, such as summer and winter schools of languages (Armenian, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish etc.) as well as regular language classes throughout the year, lecture series, workshops, poetry readings, music performances and classes, exhibitions, book presentations and film screenings.